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Wednesday, April 23

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From Our Pastor: 

This Easter season has been a wonderful time of discovery in the Word of God! Our church family has worked together to transform our sanctuary into a learning center, with powerful visual scenes. Our Bible understanding has been sharpened with new insight into locations, customs of the day and the people that lived in the time of Jesus.

During the month of April, we first traveled to Egypt and followed the children of Israel from slavery to freedom. We experienced the great lesson of Exodus Chapter 12 that a lamb had to lose its life for others to live. That sacrificial lamb became personal as A Lamb became The Lamb, then Your Lamb for the judgment to PASS OVER each home.

Next, we traveled to Jerusalem and witnessed Jesus coming through the Eastern Gate as a peacemaker. The King came riding on a donkey!  Jesus came to make peace for fallen man with a Holy God. Oh, What a Saviour!

Then we traveled into the old city to Mount Zion and the Upper Room. We experienced the Last Supper as Jesus and His disciples shared their last meal together before going to Mount Calvary.

Easter Sunday the scriptures came alive again as we went with Jesus to the Mount of Olives to pray. We  understand that there were several small journeys in our living message as Jesus traveled from the Mount of Olives back to Mount Zion, then back into the city before making the journey to Mount Calvary.

Finally, we arrived at the place where the world changed forever, the garden tomb, which became the empty tomb! Praise His Holy name as we worship a living Lord and a coming King!

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. May God bless you and your family during this special time.

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